Polymeric aluminum drying production line

We can supply complete sets of consulting, designing, supply, installing, commissioning and other services on Polymeric aluminum drying production line.

Polymerization aluminum slurry is carried to spray atomizing disk to do centrifugal atomization by pressure pump, the drying hot air which produced by hot air furnace will enter into the tower ,fully mix and dry with the slurry, then the finished exhaust gas will enter into the primary filter to collect the polymerization aluminum powder. The exhaust gas from the top of primary filter enters into the secondary dust catcher to do the dust removal. Finally, exhaust fan blows exhaust gas in the spray tower. Screw conveyor takes the products to the finished product warehouse for packing.

Technology characteristics:

(1)、Simple process, high efficiency
(2)、Adopt direct and indirect hot air furnace, extensive applicability
(3)、Heat efficiency is high
(4)、Circulating fluid from spray can be recycled. The Products have high yiel  



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